Listed Building Architect


Listed buildings are properties that have architectural significance, and so keeping the integrity of the original design is important. Whether your property is Grade I or II listed, there will be many restrictions on the kind of work you can have done to the property, and the planning process is much longer.

However, those who own a listed property can still make changes, but it’s important to ensure you use an architect experienced in this area. At MF Architecture, we have worked with many listed buildings, carrying out conversions and renovations. This has allowed the owners to keep the original features, but make them more practical for modern life.

Some design services we offer for listed buildings include:

  • Renovations – Turning dilapidated listed buildings into liveable homes or practical workplaces
  • Conversions – Changing the usage of the property from residential to commercial, or vice versa. Some examples of this include turning old factories into flats, or creating commercial space in a historic home
  • Extensions – We can design an extension that’s in-keeping with the style of your listed property, meaning you can enjoy more work or living space

Planning permission

The main area where listed building projects fail is in the planning stages. Getting planning permission for a listed building can be a long process, and it’s important to ensure the plans are properly drawn up and that everything has been covered. By using an experienced architect, you’ll be supported every step of the way, and have a better chance of having your planning application approved.

Design inspiration

It’s not always easy to make changes to a listed property, mainly because you’ll want to keep the original look, but improve upon what you already have. MF can draw up some ideas in CAD, or even create a 3D design, so that you can see what things will look like before you commit.

If you need an architect for a listed property project, then get in touch today.