Structural Calculations


Architecture isn’t just about coming up with design ideas. It’s also important that any building is safe, and that’s why structural calculations are so important. If you are building a new home or office, or changing the layout of your home, perhaps by removing walls, then it’s important that your new structure meets building regulations. That’s why it’s a legal requirement for many builds to have structural calculations carried out as part of the design process.

What are structural calculations?

Structural calculations are drawn up by an engineer to show the effect of loads. In terms of architecture, this will show which walls are load-bearing, and ensure that the property will stay standing.

Why are they so important?

Without structural calculations, you simply don’t know whether your property is secure. You need to know that the weight of the roof will be held up by the walls, and that it’ll stand strong in extreme weather conditions.

Structural calculations are also important for ensuring that your property is compliant with building regulations. You will often be asked to submit the calculations during the building process. These must be completed by a professional to ensure they are correct, and that you don’t end up with delays in the process.

When we design a building, the process of structural calculations is always taken into account, so we keep your project on track and ensure that the finished design is fit for purpose.