Building Design 

Our building design services include working on both domestic and commercial properties,

The design of a building is so important to the overall success of a project. If people are going to be living and working in your building, then it’s essential that the building has been well-designed in order to be practical and comfortable. That’s a big part of the role of an architect, and the reason why the consultation stage is so important.

Ongoing client contact

Once the initial feasibility studies have been done, we will sit down with you and have many meetings at various design stages. This allows us to get your input along the way, and ensure that our architects are on the right track. Unlike some firms, who will simply take your ideas and then show you a finished design, we get our clients involved in each step, so there’s a higher likelihood of getting it right the first time.

Domestic and commercial

Our building design services include working on both domestic and commercial properties, and it’s important to use an architect who understands the unique requirements for each of these types of design. We also work with developers on the conversion of domestic/residential properties into hmo’s – we work with businesses including The HMO Mortgage Broker to help arrange mortgages for houses of multiple occupancy.

    Some of the building design projects we work on include:

    • New build houses – both for the private and social housing sectors
    • New build flats
    • Converting houses into multiple flats
    • Converting a commercial property for residential use
    • Commercial builds – including new builds and converting existing properties for commercial or industrial use

    Initial consultation

    The initial consultation with our clients allows us to assess their needs and judge how feasible they are. This stage is where we’ll discuss how much space we have to use, what existing structures are in place, and what you hope to achieve. The architect will then go away and do what’s called a ‘feasibility study’, where they will decide whether the plans are realistic, and whether we can deliver a design to your specification.


    Building, extending, or converting a property comes with its own challenges, which is why it’s important to deal with an experienced architect. You might need to change your plans due to issues with planning permission, or need to change a design to make it more practical. We can take on any challenges that crop up in the building design process, and ensure that you are happy with the finished product.

    If you are looking for an architect to design a domestic or commercial building, then get in touch with us today.