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MF is a London based architectural design agency offering specialist consultancy and architectural design services. We have worked with small, medium and large businesses on architectural projects in a variety of different niches at various different stages. Our expert consultants provide full drawings, layout & design planning, architectural project management and more. (Please note we are NOT affiliated with the previous MF architects, this domain has been reacquired and is being used for content only.)

Business Architects

We provide consultancy and project management for businesses throughout London and the UK. Our business architects and specialists can help with an array of different services.

Retail Architecture Design

Is your retail business in need of a modernised / overhauled premises? Here at MF we provide full retail architectural design services and consultancy.


Our home architects can help you create design concepts, CAD modelling and home layout plans


We provide full design and planning for commercial properties from offices, blocks, warehouses, retail units, restaurants and more.

Architectural Company

We are a specialist architecture firm in London

MF are a London based architectural firm specialising in the design, development and creation of bespoke work and living spaces. We've helped businesses turn their properties into areas that are beautiful to look at, functional and practical. We've helped thousands of businesses from concept to creation, from our top end discerning London based clients through to smaller businesses throughout the UK. When people and business owners are looking for architecture companies they should be looking for an agency like ours that prides itself on delivering work beyond expectations. Our portfolio of architectural projects includes London offices & office blocks, retail units (clothes shops / shops in various niches), petrol stations and forecourts, art galleries, trade show buildings, car showrooms and dealerships, commercial units, park architecture and more. We are one of the top architecture firms in the UK, from our range of modern architects through to residential architecture. Here at MF we'll have a solution for your design, SEO and build requirements.

Knowledgeable Designers & Engineers

Knowledge and experience are paramount. All of our team is highly experienced from project scoping and grounds evaluation through to structural design, CAD modelling, planning and development. Our team has years of experience with a whole variety of different architectural projects. As a specialist architecture company, we offer the best in architecture services that can help you turn concept into creation. Our experienced team consists of professional artisan designers, CAD modelers, interior designers, structural engineers, project coordinators, building planners and more. We have a wide reach within the commercial marketplace and provide solutions for everything including retail outlets.
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Ashleigh Mogson

Executive Architect
Originally from the US, Ashleigh studied architecture at Texas A & M University – College Station before moving to the UK to pursue a career in modern architecture in London.
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Arron Branning

Arron is one of our design team responsible for computer modelling and visual design. Producing concepts for our discerning clients. Arron has over 15 years experience in CAD and modern design.
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Rachel Halliford

With over 10 years in modern architecture, Rachel has amassed experience working for a number of highly reputable firms in the design and concept of building creation.
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Jay Hilstone

Project Management
Jay is one of our project managers specialising in the streamlining and management of workflow. Responsible for coordinating projects from concept to creation.

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