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MF is a London based architectural design agency offering specialist consultancy and architectural design services. 

Certified Architects

We’re established, trusted and certified architects with over 2 decades of experience.

Professional Consultants

Large & corporate organisations across the globe have relied on our architecture services & consultancy.

The Best In Our Class

Award winning, exceptional and the best in our class. We strive to deliver the highest quality architect consultancy.


Best London Architects

Business Architects

office working space

We provide consultancy and project management for businesses throughout London and the UK. Our business architects and specialists can help with an array of different services.

Retail Architecture Design

shops, retail premises, centers

Is your retail business in need of a modernised / overhauled premises? Here at MF we provide full retail architectural design services and consultancy.

Commercial Design Service

For corporate building & developments

We provide full design and planning for commercial properties from offices, blocks, warehouses, retail units, restaurants and more


Award Winning Architects in London


Design, Create, Build, Deliver

We’re innovative and are a design-led practice.


100s of Projects Completed Over 20 Years

From Holborn Mews to East Finchley Walking Heights


Based in the Heart of London

We’re based in the Creative Heart of London at  Holborn Viaduct


Premium Interior Designers

Our in-house interior designers & architects are highly experienced with over 20 years behind them

We used Malcolm Fraser Architects to deliver drawings, CAD designs, layout planning and structural calculations for our new shopping center, they delivered an exceptional service.

Arnold Smith

They helped us on a residential conversion of properties into HMO's, they dealt with all aspects of design and planning, we were thoroughly pleased with what was delivered.

Janet Waller

Outstanding service, our clients AH Napp was delighted with the new development, with thanks to the Malcolm Fraser team.

Bradley Hammond

Who we are?

We are a London based architectural firm specialising in the design, development and creation of bespoke work and living spaces. We’ve helped businesses turn their properties into areas that are beautiful to look at, functional and practical. We’ve helped thousands of businesses from concept to creation, from our top end discerning London based clients through to smaller businesses throughout the UK. When people and business owners are looking for architecture companies they should be looking for an agency like ours that prides itself on delivering work beyond expectations.  We work with everyone from developers through to precision engineering companies.

Our portfolio of architectural projects includes London offices & office blocks, retail units (clothes shops / shops in various niches), petrol stations and forecourts, art galleries, trade show buildings, car showrooms and dealerships, commercial units, park architecture and more. We are one of the top architecture firms in the UK, from our range of modern architects to residential architecture. Here at MF we’ll have a solution for your design, SEO and build requirements. 

We work alongside partners including AC Design Solutions.


Design Led Architects based in Holborn, London

Procurement of Services

We work with local government and corporate organisations on corporate projects and architectural tenders.

If you are in a procurement phase we accept invitations to tender for commercial projects.

Carbon Reduction

We work with businesses, developers and property owners to integrate technologies and practices that help to reduce emissions and to work towards a net-zero output. We integrate solar and battery technology, utilise high quality materials to improve uValue efficiency and more.

Our Projects

Browse our range of delivered projects across London and the South East of England. From Highgate Residential Mews through to Developments in the Docklands, Grenwich and Southwark.


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How we can help

Malcolm Fraser Architects can help with all aspects of interior and external design, layout planning & structural engineering requirements including assessments, surveys and reports.

Our London architecture firm can also assist with other areas of property and building design, styling and infrastructure.

We design and build beautiful premises for both residential and commercial property types.

  A Hands Off Approach

Save time, improve logistics and speed up project planning and delivery with our hands off approach – you leave the design, planning and infrasturcture to our award winning, established London architectural firm.

We also provide full consultations for property renovation and smart extensions including specialist Orangery extensions. We can also provide structural surveys for residential properties in advance of securing a mortgage.

We provide building design services across London and the UK. We deal with commercial properties as well as residential spaces, offices, restaurants, shopping malls and more.