Commercial  Architecture

We provide a wide range of architectural services for both domestic and commercial clients.

Designing a commercial development is a lot different to residential design, and it’s important to use an architect who has worked on similar projects. We offer a wide range of services related to commercial architecture that will help keep your project on track and on budget.

Design is an important part of commercial architecture, and unfortunately it’s often neglected in modern office and retail environments. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to commercial design, which is why you need the services of an experienced architect to ensure success.

There are lots of things that need to be considered when designing a commercial building, from using the right materials for practical and design reasons, to meeting strict sustainability requirements. Any place where people are going to work will also need to meet health and safety requirements, and so using an architect with commercial experience will ensure that you comply with all regulations.

If you are considering building a commercial development in the UK, then get in touch to find out more about the services we provide from garage door design through to architectural calculations.

There are many potential sites that have the potential for commercial development, and they include:

  • Residential properties that have planning permission to be converted
  • Brownfield sites that have been allocated for development
  • Greenfield land
  • Existing commercial areas that could be overhauled

We can look at the site that you have chosen and carry out a feasibility study. This will help you decide whether what you are trying to achieve is practical, and whether it’ll be in your best interests to proceed. If the project isn’t feasible, then we can help come up with alternative solutions for your development.