Architecture Design

There are stages that need to be carried out with all projects, whether they’re large or small, residential or commercial

Many clients wonder what the design process will be like, and it varies from project to project, and depends on a great deal of factors. However, there are certain stages that need to be carried out with all architectural projects, whether they’re large or small, residential or commercial. Here are some of the stages your project will go through when you work with Malcom Fraser Architects:

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies are important before we proceed any further in the design process, as they allow us to decide whether the project can be completed. Do you have enough space? Will there be legal issues? Is the land you brought suitable for the project? We would do lots of research to identify any issues, and then draw up a short feasibility report giving our unbiased advice.

Design inspiration

Whether you have a clear vision of what you want the finished property to look like, or you want us to draw up a design from scratch, we can give you the level of design inspiration you require. We can show you previous project we’ve worked on, discuss current architectural trends, or advise what might work in the particular location. For example, if you are building in a historic village, you’ll need to be sensitive about the surrounding properties, and not end up with a building that stands out for the wrong reasons.

    Planning permission

    Getting planning permission is usually our client’s least favourite stage, so we can take charge and deal with the council on your behalf. Anything larger than a simple extension will usually need planning permission, so we can help with the application, and ensure the plans are drawn up ready for approval.

    There can often be delays in the planning process if your application is incomplete, or if the council have questions about your project. As we offer a liaison service, you don’t need to worry about dealing with the council, and we can ensure that your project is kept on track.

    Initial consultation

    We understand that there are lots of architects out there, and you need to find one who can share your vision, and deliver the design you want. That’s why the initial consultation is so important. We can talk about what you hope to achieve, show you our portfolio and some similar projects we might have worked on, and start trading ideas.

    At this stage, we wouldn’t make formal plans, but we may well draw up some basic sketches, illustrating the kind of vision we have for the project. You can then decide whether you want us to proceed as your architect.


    Project management

    Once the design is approved and ready to go, you may want us to stay on in a project management role. Our team includes architects who can take on project management tasks, from finding contractors to keeping the project on budget, and make it more likely your property will be completed on time and without any unpleasant surprises.

    While you may think that architects only deal with the design side of things, at Malcom Fraser we offer a wide range of services to make your project easier. Whether it’s drawing up budgets or dealing with the council, we make life so much simpler, so you can look forward to the project being completed.